What an Orthopedic Dog Bed Can do for Your Dog

When a dog gets arthritic, it will have a great deal of trouble doing almost everything, as the dog will be in constant discomfort. Therefore, it is the role of the dog’s owner to do everything that they can in order to eliminate this discomfort as much as possible. One thing that can be particularly uncomfortable for these dogs is sleeping, which is where an orthopedic dog bed can come in handy. These beds can reduce the amount of discomfort that your dog will have to deal with considerably, which will increase the dog’s overall quality of life as it goes through its final years.

The reason why an orthopedic dog bed is so effective is that it is specially designed to take the strain off of your dog’s joints. The constant strain on the joints can cause a great deal of pain, especially if the dog is not allowed to take a bit of a break while it sleeps. By giving your pet a good night’s sleep, you will help the dog to be happy when it is awake. This is perhaps the best reward of all that an orthopedic dog bed offers, especially as your dog ages and its arthritis starts to get even worse.

The type of orthopedic dog bed that you purchase will be highly dependant on the dog’s size, so you will want to get a good measurement of the dog while it is lying down with its legs extended. Make sure that you add about five inches on all sides of the dog, just so the dog will not be confined by the size of the bed. It is probably best to ensure that the dog will be able to turn completely around while on the bed, so that there is no additional strain placed on the dog’s joints. The dog should not feel cramped at all by the orthopedic dog bed, as this will actually place more strain on the joints than sleeping elsewhere.

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Most people go with a bed that has a foam lining, as this will act as a good base for your dog’s body. The soft pillows that many people choose for their dogs do not do the same thing, as they do not provide enough support. Imagine if you were to sleep on a large pillow, as it would not be nearly as comfortable as a bed. A good dog bed will support each part of the dog’s body without moving around the way that pillows do, which will ensure that the dog is completely comfortable at all times. Also, make sure that you take a look at the dog beds with padding along the side, as this will keep your dog in its orthopedic dog bed throughout the night.

These beds come in a variety of different sizes and brands, so you should have no trouble finding one that meets your dog’s individual needs. Many people are now going with Doctors Foster and Smith brand dog beds, as these are proven to be high in quality. You can also find an orthopedic dog bed in pretty much any shape, so you will not have to worry about fitting it into a predefined space. Whether you have a toy breed or a large breed, there is an orthopedic dog bed that will suit your dog and your living arrangement easily.

A final tip is to make sure that you get your orthopedic dog bed with a washable cover, as this will prevent it from developing bacteria or possible parasites. All you will have to do is remember to wash it once in a while and you can keep your dog happy and healthy throughout its life. Older dogs need this little bit of extra care because these dogs tend to get sore and grumpy over the years. Your dog has been loyal to you throughout the years, so the least that you can do is get your best friend on of these fantastic beds. An orthopedic dog bed is a great investment in your dog’s happiness and health, so take a look around and see what you can find today.

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